About Us

Welcome to Gerlach Family Dentistry!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Gerlach Family Dentistry. As your family dentist, it is our sincere desire to provide a full range of dental services including
cosmetic and aesthetic smile enhancement. Our professional and friendly staff desires to make your dental treatment a pleasant experience. In addition, we utilize the most modern techniques and equipment such as Gendex Digital X ray system for traditional and panographic radiographs. We hope that we can develop a wonderful long lasting relationship that is beneficial to you and your family.

Where can you find us?

For your convenience, we offer two locations to better serve you and your family. Our South End / Airport office provides the Iroquois Park, Beechmont areas of Louisville as well as the University of Louisville with a facility that is easily accessible and centrally located. In addition, our Middletown office makes for an easy drive for Hikes Point and East End patients.

Fear of Dentistry?

As your family dentist, at Gerlach Family Dentistry we pride ourselves on offering ideal dental care for all ages. We specialize in personalized service and attempt to make every appointment enjoyable and pain free! Both children and adults find a lot to like at our office as we treat all ages with warmth and compassion; always with a smile! You will find that we are easy to communicate with as well as a great resource for knowledge about scary or misunderstood procedures. We will go out of our way to explain the science behind the dentistry or, if you prefer, allow you to relax unconcerned about the work that is being completed. Anxiety and fear can often be talked through or worked out as the clinician or staff explains the nature of the procedures.

We Love Children at Gerlach Family Dentistry

The Gerlach Family Dentistry office is just that, a family dental office. Drs. Chip and Jo Ellen Gerlach have enjoyed over thirty years of marriage and are in the continual process of raising four wonderful children. Throughout their family life, their children and family have been areas of intense focus as they took care of scholastic responsibilities, developed a spiritual relationship with God, participated in youth, high school, and collegiate sports, and built friendships with neighbors, patients and acquaintances. Because of this, The Gerlach’s have seen the importance of parental involvement in the lives of children and place a very high value on communication between dentist, parent and child. They also have seen the wonderful sense of fulfillment that accompanies the growth of a child through the difficult stages of adolescence into adulthood. There is a great sense of pride at Gerlach Family Dentistry because there are so many third and even some fourth generation families that have deepffamily ties with our office. Because of this, we cater to children whenever possible and go out of our way to make each child’s dental experience both pleasant and personal. As gentle dentists, we attempt to treat each child with the utmost care and concern using time tested techniques with a minimum of drugs or hallucinating agents, allowing the small person the opportunity to be engaged in a painless, anxious free environment.

We believe that Gerlach Family Dentistry has the best dentists in Louisville

That is why we would love to become your family dentist.

Your smile is our signature!